A.P. VIN uses the Stelvin closure, which is preferred over cork, synthetic cork or other screw cap and alternative closures due to keeping the integrity of the wine and delivering a consistent quality. Natural corks are sometimes known to contaminate the wine and can give the wine unpleasant manifestations such as a musty smell and a moldy, cardboard taste. Stelvin closures ensure the elimination of TCA, or what is commonly known as “cork taint.” Quality and consistency are a priority at A.P. VIN – measures are taken to ensure the true flavors and complexity of the wine is not compromised. When compared to cork, studies have shown the Stelvin closure leads to superior age-ability and a decreased level of bottle variation. You can be confident that the Stelvin closure allows the A.P. VIN wines to preserve the character, aromas, and bouquet of each distinctive wine.