One sip of California Pinot Noir was all it took. My life as I knew it would change forever.
Owner & Winemaker Andrew P. Vingiello.

Dear friends,

One sip of California Pinot Noir was all it took! My life as I knew it would change forever.

Growing up in a large Italian family, some of my favorite childhood memories are of Sunday night dinners, which always meant delicious food, many bottles of wine and a healthy dose of spirited conversation. After graduating from college, settling in San Francisco, and spending almost two decades working in the finance industry, my creative side was never satisfied.

My wife Brenda and I met in 2001, while working parallel lives in the finance world. It was over a glass of wine that we started our path of building a family and setting upon a journey to craft the most delicious wine possible with the help of very passionate growers. We feel so fortunate to have relationships with some of the most genuine and talented people that farm several of the most prized vineyard sites in California.

We love what we do and feel so lucky to share it with many of you who enjoy unique wines made from special places. The early years of working harvests and collaborating with dear friend, Brian Loring afforded us opportunity and access to so much, in which we will always be forever grateful. This friendship and mentoring introduced us to vineyard owners with highly acclaimed properties growing world-class grapes.

These past few years have taught us so much and allowed us to refine our craft each vintage and create our own unique wine making style. It began with our very first vintage of A.P. VIN in 2003 from Garys’ Vineyard, located in the Santa Lucia Highlands. While only 150 cases of this special Pinot Noir was made, it was enough to win the acclaim of well-known publications. Today, we produce 2,000 cases of single vineyard-designate Pinot Noir and are focused on making wines of the highest quality. We believe this quality starts in the vineyard. From the location of the vineyard and the row orientation to the farming style of each grower, every element adds nuances and subtleties that result in what we think is a superior wine.

San Francisco, where we raise our family and craft our wines, has been our home for over ten years. Our urban winery is located in the city’s historic Mission District, that is famous and influential for its amazing food, art and music, and where our little corner of the world buzzes with exciting small business activity of all trades. When we’re not busy with the demands of wine, we immerse ourselves in our family and raising our beautiful daughter, Genevieve.

Lastly, Brenda and I are extremely grateful for your appreciation of our wines and for allowing us to follow our dreams. We invite you to visit us for a taste and hope you’ll reach out the next time your travels bring you to San Francisco.




Andrew Vingiello